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I love reading my watchers comments no matter what.

Any user i know slightly who asks for my sheet will be politly denied..
Any Random person who asks for my sprite sheet will be also politly denied


The reason ive never chronicled the stories of the gang thus far is because comics take alot of planning and posing (which im not good at) to do. 

So im considering Writing Novel Esc Adaptions of the stories with the DA text feature. 

A few points for if i do go with this

1. these wont prioritize over my art so they wont be as frequent. 
2. There might be a few things that get cut and altered to the actual exact characters providing i cant get the rights to add characters in the established story (I.E :iconpeachrose:)

another thing i'd like to hear from you the fans is what parts would you really want to see? 
Should i cover it from the present with flash back moments? 
Or cover the past sections separately? 
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Journal History


Can you Hear me? Part 1

"Hello? Can you here me?" A voice echoed, The dark consciousness of what appears to be a young hamster girl sparks
lightly as questions run through her mind.
"Who am I?" She thought, "Where am i?" She pondered.
"What is this feeling?" She felt to herself as in her deep consciousness binary code of green zeroes and ones caught
her attention.
"I.. Feel scared, I Feel lonely." She continued to think as the binary continued to flow upward
"Hello?" The voice came again "Can you hear me?" He asked.
"I'm here... But where?" The girl thought as she started to see more words appear in her vision

"System Activated, Installing Voice Data, Installing Sound Data,
Sound Data Installed, Voice Data Installed."
They said as more complex and long lines of code appear in her vision scrolling down incredibly fast.
"Whats happening?" The girl once again thought as suddenly a bright light entered her vision.

As she finally awoke she could see that the bright light was a simple Ceiling light, surrounded by a grey metallic ceiling.
The voice came again, This time more clearly. "Ah your awake!" The voice said in a strong Australian accent.
In surprise the hamster looked around to see a red bandicoot in An Orange jacket, It was Nega who was at a

"Hello Beta!" He said happily, "I'm happy to see your awake and activated" he continued by giving the girl a thumbs up.
She was confused and shy but she plucked up the courage to speak. "H...Hello." She uttered looking at him with
Bright turquoise eyes. "W..Who are you?" she questioned looking up at him.

"My name is Nega C Payne. Your creator." He said. "You are the second in my line of Soundroid's Robots Built to Sing
and Battle with the power of music and sound!" Nega smiled.

Beta couldn't help but mutter certain words he said. These included "Beta, Soundroid and Nega,"
"Does.. That make you my Daddy?" She asked looking up to him like a lost child.
Nega tilted his head in thought. "Hmm.. Well i guess you can call me that." He replied.

Beta smiled and approached him, She then hugged hm tight "H..Hello Daddy!" She cried.
At first he felt surprise but Nega eventually smirked and stroked her head "Come on. I want you to meet everyone."
He said as he gestured towards the stairs leading up to the mansions hallway.

The young hamster tilted her head and nodded a bit unsure at first. "O..Ok" She said holding his hand gently.
As he felt her hold his hand Nega smiled once more and led her up the stairs, knowing that he could feel good potential in her."
Birth of Beta by Jonicthedgehog
Birth of Beta
"H...Hello, My Name is Beta.. Its nice to meet you." 

Name - NCP02 Beta
Species - Soundroid Hamster
Age - 16 (physically and mentally) 1 (Chronologically) 
CPU Model - VL240115
Weaponry - Prototype Soundwave Blaster, Speaker Headphones
Abilities - Singing, Soundwave shots

The newest Addition to the NCP Soundroid family, Beta is the youngest taking the form of a young girl of 16. 
She is very shy and sheepish around people outside the I.B.S and is rather close to Nega and Clair affectionatly calling them "Daddy" and "Mummy" affectionately. 
Like most soundroids Beta loves to sing and will do so to bring out the emotions her programming allows.

More information exists on this page… (it will be updated whenever possible) 

The addition of Beta is the start of my next few character additions being Female to remedy an issue ive had of there only being 5 female characters (Clair Lydia Yuri Yuritwo and Laufeia) not to mention the short diversity of species in them (2 wolves and 3 hedgehogs) 
Im hoping to put these characters to good use with written stories 

More info on Pokken fighters will arise. I plan to write a journal on my theories and thoughts on this 
The Darkness comes by Jonicthedgehog
The Darkness comes
Only one character this time but this leads up to all my characters (besides I.B.S 3000 and Aequnum who's relevance is questionable unless people say otherwise, as well as Sky being retconned until further notice) getting a design update, 

Darkness - Half his head is now mutated, he also has a long chain wrapped around his torso instead of wearing a shirt under it which in turn makes his chest revealed, his jeans now have a flame patteren as well.

His backstory may be altered (Again..) unless otherwise 

The concept of "Corruption" is owned by :iconpeachrose: (at least at present unless there is a change in backstory)
I honestly want to create more females for diversity.

But at the same time i want to feel sure they will be put into good use 


Jonathon Ashe Larcombe
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
just a guy with a love for irn bru
with ideas

I.B.S (Original)
Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze the ookami* - the main guy
Jacob the pikachu - his first pokemon pal
Nega C Payne - the brainy and brawny austrailian bandicoot
Optimus Twat Kiefer - the pervert who is misunderstood and always comically beaten
Clair Nightcutter - Jonic's dedicated cousin and Nega's lovely wife
Yuri Violet - Jonic's Ex girlfriend
Lydia Hikarikaze -Jonic's older sister
Aequnum: the balance between Jonic and Oblivion
Breaker Earthsoul - Renowned Veteran R.I.P
NCP02 "Beta" - The second Soundroid created by Nega

Oblivion Yamikaze- Jonic's worst enemy and dark counterpart
Doctor Edgar Cyrex - the derranged mutant creator
Bios 1 2 & 3 - Cold genetic killers. first two were destroyed and the third is still young and learning
Darkness the hedgehog - a former member of the I.B.S and Corruption demon from the waterian planet
Laufeia Yamiborn - Created by Yami's darkness using Yuri's body as a base.
Yuritwo the Altered Clone - A Cyrexian clone made from Yuri's D.N.A mixed with Lustwaterian D.N.A

I.B.S 3000
NCPXP Theta - the last Soundroid* built by Nega C Payne
Heiner Sterncroft the Tiger - A former Marine and leader of the new I.B.S
Karei Gallen the Fox - A Technical wizz and daughter of Prof. Pere Gallen
P.I.P.S.L.E - Karei's robotic pet and great asset to the team

Mechanigan - A mysterious rouge mechanoid

* Ookami - Race of wolves created by the sun goddess Amaterasu they are a peaceful race who worship the goddess and they're relic the Sword of Shiranui. An Ookami has body marking's like the goddess and are known for using their spirits and auras a type of attack energy which in turn can be used for Elemental attacks/Magic

Soundroid -
Androids built by Nega C Payne, they can use sounds and music for combat only 11 models exist.

After the day of Cyrex Ookami have become endangered and very rare.
Character Birthdates -
Jonic - 19th Marth - Pisces
Jacob 7th Febuary - Aquarius
Nega - 10th May - Taurus
Optimus - 13th April - Aries
Lydia - 14th June - Gemini
Clair - 3rd January - Capricorn
Yuri - 12th December - Sagittarius
Oblivion - 28th March - Aries (Technically)
Laufeia - 1st November - Scorpio (Technically)
Cyrex - ??
Yuritwo - N/A (Date of Creation unknown)
Bios03 - N/A (Date of Creation unknown)
Darkness - 11th October - Libra
Aequnum - 21st March - Aries (Technically)
Breaker - 9th July- Cancer
Beta - DOC - 24th January

Friends and online family

my perfect friend :iconpeachrose:

best friend and sensai :icondmetrius96:

Parallel buddy :icondarkscarab-youtube:

Local hero bro :iconconnormanx94:

Underworld brother :iconfurnoblast1999:

Scottish brother in law :iconchaoscontroler2:

Blazing sis in law :iconshadowblazelover:

friendly rival :iconflashtheshapeshafter:

fellow FF fan :iconmirandahedgehog007:

Someone i know on SFCW :iconiron-minerzone:

Team International Bastard Squad


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Sonic Fan Character Wiki - JonicOokami7
Steam - Jonicwindthief7
Skype - Jonicthehedgehog1
Twitter - JonicOokami7
Facebook - Jonathan Ashe Larcombe

SFCW Pages -………………………

Races -…
Places -…

157 - Typhlosion by PokeStampsDex

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