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I love reading my watchers comments no matter what.

Any user i know slightly who asks for my sheet will be politly denied..
Any Random person who asks for my sprite sheet will be also politly denied


Whoever didnt see this coming when they said the stream will be about Rayquaza sure will be suprised.…

Rayquaza a fan faveroute Dragon Pokemon has been confirmed to get a Mega evolution

Not a Primal De-evolution like Kyogre and Groudon but a Mega Evolution. This is said to be revealed why in the story while also having a different method to Mega Evolve.

Mega Rayquaza has a new ability called Delta Stream. Which is Like Primodial Sea and Desolate Land in which it creates a new weather effect. Strong Winds. It overrides the previous two abilities and removes Super Effectiveness from Attacks on Flying Pokemon. This not only makes Rayquaza halve its natural 4X weakness to ice but it makes Flying Pokemon able to stand up to Ice Electric and Rock types. 

Mega Rayquaza will also get a new move called Dragon Ascent which i can only presume it is a stronger 1-turn version of Fly 

As a person who spent alot of time in Hoenn, I can safely say that Rayquaza fans will be happy that this mighty dragon became stronger 
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Pardon my language but. 
What in the flying fuck is that?!
I.B.S 3000 by Jonicthedgehog
I.B.S 3000
The islands of Vita Nova.. home of the I.B.S. After many years of heroics the I.B.S became legends which continued being handed down through time.
In the year 3000 however... new dangers and evils rise up to take over the islands, without any heroes to weild the Sword of Shiranui... all seemed loss. 
Until 3 new heroes appeared and began to fight back to protect the future metropolis of Neo Vita Nova. 

They are...

NCPXP Theta -  Age 1030 (chronologically) 17 (mentally)
Theta was built in 2030 by Nega C Payne, who at this point wass slowly dying, Before being put to proper use Theta was left unactivated as
Nega passed away, 1000 Years passed until he was discovered by Karei. After helping Karei and Heiner fight off their first encounter
with Mechanigans Robots Theta discovered that his creator and his friends were now nothing more then text book legends in the
future Vita Nova, With nowhere to go Theta formed the New I.B.S with Karei and Heiner.

As the latest soundroid model Theta is equipped with advanced sound based technology including his signiture sound blasters,
However unlike his previous brothers/sisters Theta is able to harness certain sounds and process them into various types of
weapons/attacks depending on the sound.
Theta's design was also based on one of Vita Nova's Legenday heroes

Heiner Sterncroft - Age 29
A Tiger of german decent, Heiner is pridefull wise and strong . He always presses onward with
life no matter how tough it is for him.
Heiner is a former marine of the Neo Vita Novian army, however he quit his long standing job after his wife passed on from illness,
when this happend this damaged Heiner's emotions greatly and began to close himself off from others until he turned to drinking.
He now lives off as a mercenary. After meeting Theta and Karei he helped fight off Mechanigans forces
When the 3 decided to work together Heiner formed the new I.B.S in name of the legendary
heroes he read about and respected,
In the team Heiner acts as the leader of the small group relying on his old marine
training and his heavy duty plasma rifle to do the job,
It is thanks to Theta and Karei comming into his life that Heiner began to regrasp the joys of life even to the point
of stopping excessive drinking.

Karei Gallen - Age 16
The daughter of Professor Pere Gallen,
A Scientist who works on robotics and even looks up to the legendary robtician
Nega C Payne, As his Daughter Karei is experianced with robtics and electronics herself even enrolling in N.Vita Nova
University. After Discovering Theta she experiances her first run in with Mechanigan's rouge forces.
In the New I.B.S Karei is the teams engineer and scientist dealing with most of the robotics and other scientific matters.
Karei is a modest young girl with a lot of pep in her step. She is hardly ever seen without her lucky hat,
Thanks to her knowledge of fire arms Karei built herself a laser pistol which she knows how to use efficiantly.
She is also a bit of a high class girl occasionally liking the odd bit of clothes shopping but her education and dutys take priority

P.I.P.S.L.E (Personal Interactive Pet and Scanner of Location Electronic) - Age 1
A small flying mouse CPU built by Professor Gallen for Karei, He follows her around everywhere acting like a pet.
He cannot speak yet he communicates in beeps and bloops to which Theta can understand. P.I.P.S.L.E serves on the
New I.B.S by scanning areas, displaying maps and even manning machines and Computers for the team. He may be
small but this little guy is sure handy to have around.

Together they stand and fight against this new evil... 

Mechanigan - A Highly advanced Andronic who was destined to be scrapped years ago, He rebelled and now resides on a base on the moon.
Observing the City of Neo Vita Nova. He seems to know fully well of Theta and the long deceased Nega C Payne as when Theta was discovered
Mechanigan sent his forces to destroy Theta fearing that he might get in Mechanigans way of conquering Neo Vita Nova City.

Who is this mysterious robot?...

Made 3 days ago. but due to having a new internet put in i was without it for those 3 days (gee.. thanks Talk Talk) 
But during the absence of net i managed to improve some issues it had otherwise
These are pallete swaps yes but ive come up some of the temporary weapons NCPXP Theta can harness…
The Final Soundroid by Jonicthedgehog
The Final Soundroid
"For those who find these files..
This shelter contains my final production in the Soundroid line..
Unfortunatly I have had no way to bring it it to good use...
As such i have sealed it in stasis for the time it will come to use no matter how long the wait is.."

"NCPXP has the power to harness sounds and form them into forms of weaponry..
as such it can almost control the very fabric of soundwaves itself..
however if NPCXP were to break the first rule of robotics "A Robot must not harm a human"
the resuilts may be catastrophic"

"To those who find it make sure NCPXP
will bring a new way of life into this world"
N.Payne  9/11/2030

Other Details 

Date of Creation -
Date of Activation -

Creator - Nega C Payne (Deceased)

Relatives -
NCP00 Sigma - "Brother" - Status unknown - Presumed Expired
NCP01 Alpha - "Sister" - Status unknown - Presumed Expired

Something i have had an idea for sometime. an idea called I.B.S 3000 set in the far future. But since im against time travel cliches i held off on it till i had an idea like this one 


Jonathon Ashe Larcombe
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
just a guy with a love for irn bru
with ideas

I.B.S (Original)
Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze the ookami* - the main guy
Jacob the pikachu - his first pokemon pal
Nega C Payne - the brainy and brawny austrailian bandicoot
Optimus Twat Kiefer - the pervert who is misunderstood and always comically beaten
Clair Nightcutter - Jonic's dedicated cousin and Nega's lovely wife
Yuri Violet - Jonic's Ex girlfriend
Lydia Hikarikaze -Jonic's older sister
Aequnum: the balance between Jonic and Oblivion
Breaker Earthsoul - Renowned Veteran R.I.P

Oblivion Yamikaze- Jonic's worst enemy and dark counterpart
Doctor Edgar Cyrex - the derranged mutant creator
Bios 1 2 & 3 - Cold genetic killers. first two were destroyed and the third is still young and learning
Darkness the hedgehog - a former member of the I.B.S and Corruption demon from the waterian planet
Laufeia Yamiborn - Created by Yami's darkness using Yuri's body as a base.
Yuritwo the Altered Clone - A Cyrexian clone made from Yuri's D.N.A mixed with Lustwaterian D.N.A

I.B.S 3000
NCPXP Theta - the last Soundroid* built by Nega C Payne
Heiner Sterncroft the Tiger - A former Marine and leader of the new I.B.S
Karei Gallen the Fox - A Technical wizz and daughter of Prof. Pere Gallen
P.I.P.S.L.E - Karei's robotic pet and great asset to the team

Mechanigan - A mysterious rouge mechanoid

* Ookami - Race of wolves created by the sun goddess Amaterasu they are a peaceful race who worship the goddess and they're relic the Sword of Shiranui. An Ookami has body marking's like the goddess and are known for using their spirits and auras a type of attack energy which in turn can be used for Elemental attacks/Magic

Soundroid -
Androids built by Nega C Payne, they can use sounds and music for combat only 11 models exist.

After the day of Cyrex Ookami have become endangered and very rare.
Character Birthdates -
Jonic - 19th Marth - Pisces
Jacob 7th Febuary - Aquarius
Nega - 10th May - Taurus
Optimus - 13th April - Aries
Lydia - 14th June - Gemini
Clair - 3rd January - Capricorn
Yuri - 12th December - Sagittarius
Oblivion - 28th March - Aries (Technically)
Laufeia - 1st November - Scorpio (Technically)
Cyrex - ??
Yuritwo - N/A (Date of Creation unknown)
Bios03 - N/A (Date of Creation unknown)
Darkness - 11th October - Libra
Aequnum - 21st March - Aries (Technically)
Breaker - 9th July- Cancer

Friends and online family

my perfect friend :iconpeachrose:

best friend and sensai :icondmetrius96:

Parallel buddy :icondarkscarab-youtube:

Local hero bro :iconconnormanx94:

Underworld brother :iconfurnoblast1999:

Scottish brother in law :iconchaoscontroler2:

Blazing sis in law :iconshadowblazelover:

friendly rival :iconflashtheshapeshafter:

fellow FF fan :iconmirandahedgehog007:

Someone i know on SFCW :iconiron-minerzone:

Team International Bastard Squad


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Skype - Jonicthehedgehog1
Twitter - JonicOokami7
Facebook - Jonathan Ashe Larcombe

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Places -…

157 - Typhlosion by PokeStampsDex

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